about me

OK, so, I guess I am a mummy blogger.  I am also a lifestyle blogger.  And let’s not forget a parenting blogger. Let me list my qualifications. I am a female. I have an Instagram account.  I have a life.  It’s stylish (kinda). I love writing.  People have told me that I am good at writing and that I should channel it.  I am in the process of writing at least five books at any given time.  I have a husband (let’s call him The Photographer for now). I have at least one child; in fact, I have two (I suggest we call them Kid no. 1 and Kid no. 1+1 for now). I have a smart phone and a MacBook. I have 4G and Wi-Fi.

So, there we have it – I officially fall under the category of mummy/lifestyle/parenting blogger. However, I don’t want to limit my options by being defined as anything too specific, so I’m hoping that, through this blog, I will better understand some the other elements of me that go towards making me ‘me’.

I’m also hoping that some of what I blabber on about resonates with at least one other person out there. That would be so much nicer than just writing into an abyss of apathy…*sigh*

So do let me know what you think about what I think. I’m not looking for validation, it’s just nice to talk…sometimes.

Looking forward to getting to know me (and you) a little bit better.

Cee x