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Name-calling in the Playground



So, I kind of wrote another featured piece for another amazing, mama-run, online publication.

The amazing ladies behind Motherhood Reconstructed, Tamu and Leah, have published a little something I wrote on their ‘Back to School’ Topic of the Month.

I first started following Tamu when she posted an awesome pic on their Instagram page of what looked like an amazing holiday that she had been on, with her daughter and some friends, the previous year.  I just had to message her privately to ask her where the photo had been taken.  She replied and I discovered her website.  I have been hooked ever since.  Even to the point of going along to the first ever Motherhood Reconstructed Brunch earlier this month, where I revealed my face (!), got to meet Tamu, Leah and some other inspiring ladies IRL and stuffed my face full of delicious Caribbean food at Jamaican Grillhouse* in London’s Soho.

Motherhood Reconstructed sets out to provide some much needed authentic narratives of black motherhood and is doing exactly that.  I urge you to go and have a look.  Their Instagram is pretty cool too

And you can have a read of my article if you click here.


Cee x

*Jamaican Grillhouse can be found at 189 Wardour St, London W1F 8ZD.  Call 020 7287 2878 for bookings.

7 thoughts on “Name-calling in the Playground

  1. Ah I need to check out the Jamaican Grillhouse! Over to look at your post now xx Well done Cee. So when are you going to write a guest post for Lucky Things….? (pretty please / I ain’t too proud to beg…)

  2. I love this Cee it’s made me laugh and smile and identify completely x x
    so in awe of how successful your blog is, love it x

    1. Thank you so much Anya! That is so very kind of you and means so much. Know that there is much mutual awe going on xxx

  3. I love love this post!! Growing up in Jamaica, it was the same for me! I had to address adults by “Mr / Ms [first name or last name]. And all my friends had to address my mom the same as well. It was a little uncomfortable for me when I came to Britain, and I was expected to just call people (adults) by their first names… it just didn’t feel right. Xx

    1. Thanks Alicia. Even now, if an older lady is on the checkout in a shop I sometimes agonise over whether I should call her auntie! The childhood programming was strong! See you next week xxx

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