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Hey! It’s My Life in a Day featuring Jendella

It’s been a while, but I am super-excited to be able to bring you the second in this series of interviews.  This time, the spotlight is being shone on a lady who I first encountered on The ‘Gram, cos her feed is dope (and her son is super cute *heart eyes*), then witnessed work her… Continue reading Hey! It’s My Life in a Day featuring Jendella


Hey…How Does Your Garden Grow?

By now, you must be fully aware of my womance (for those of you unfamiliar with this terminology, it’s a bromance but for girls) with the Motherhood Reconstructed ladies. Well, what better way to solidify our relationship than to create a hashtag planting project together? And, cos we’re not cliquey bitches, we want you to… Continue reading Hey…How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Name-calling in the Playground

    So, I kind of wrote another featured piece for another amazing, mama-run, online publication. The amazing ladies behind Motherhood Reconstructed, Tamu and Leah, have published a little something I wrote on their ‘Back to School’ Topic of the Month. I first started following Tamu when she posted an awesome pic on their Instagram page… Continue reading Name-calling in the Playground