TOOTOOMOO – A Restaurant Review

That time I asked everyone to mind out of the way so I could take a pic…and Kid 1 ran into the pic

My dear, little, sister, @simplynnekaldn, recently treated the whole family to dinner to celebrate her moving back to the UK from Gay Paree.  Although the kids would have been content with the local Turkish restaurant, sis insisted we step it up a notch and took us to Tootoomoo in Crouch End, London N8.  Never having been there before, I was concerned that my (very) loud family would be made to feel uncomfortable in this environment, but I needn’t have worried.  This place is so great!  From the minute we stepped in, the staff were so welcoming, accommodating and patient.  And the decor! *gasps* If bamboo and geometric shapes does it for you, then this is the place to be.

The food is Pan-Asian Fusion, which basically = yum on every level.  And there is a very cute story to go with the food:

There is a tale of a young girl called Tootoomoo who lived in a tiny house in a tiny village on the edge of an enormous forest. In the forest also lived the Giant. Each morning the giant would enjoy a bowl of sweetened rice in Tootoomoo’s tiny house. One day the Giant explained that he had grown tired of eating the same dish day after day. Tootoomoo cooked through the night to prepare a feast for the Giant. The next morning the Giant tasted all the dishes and was delighted as each dish was tastier than the last one. Tootoomoo passed on her recipes. We now prepare inspired, tasty and healthy food for Giants and little people alike.

Cute, huh? So we, wanting to be like the Giant, ordered a whole range of items from the menu (with egg fried rice for the girls cos they love bland).

When the seemingly tiny bowls of Shichimi squid, crispy smoked chicken, veggie spring rolls, tiger prawn tempura, etc, etc arrived, I scoffed at this so-called Giant, extreme eye-rolled, deep inhaled and made a mental note to detour via Maccie D’s on the way home.  However, I need not have worried as there was more than plenty…for us all!

The kids were given cute click-together snacksticks to eat with.  The adults, asked for spoons and forks *insert see no evil monkey*, but there was no chopstick shaming at all.  Our waiter (is that what they’re called now?) was able to navigate our sense of humour and even bussed a few jokes with my dad, who didn’t get it, but we did, so that was cool.

There were a selection of desserts on offer, but us ‘Giants’ were too stuffed to attempt any of them and instead opted for jasmine tea to aid our digestion and prevent us from having to have a little lie down.  The kids, on the other hand, have eyes bigger than their bellies and were offered ice cream in wafer cones, which they gladly accepted (and then passed on to The Photographer and I to finish off…KMT)

We were there for ages.  Seriously.  Aaaaaages.  But it wasn’t awkward as we weren’t made to feel uncomfortable.  The waiting staff were attentive and smiley.  And each and every one of them looked cool AF, but not too cool or intimidating or up themselves, which is nice.  I don’t think the bill was too hefty either.  Darling sis paid, it being her treat and all, and there were no complaints from her – not even a wince when she looked at the bill, which is an encouraging sign  So, a thumbs up on price then, kinda.  Great food. Not painfully priced. Family friendly vibe. It’s a win.  Which is why I’m sharing it with you guys.  Oh, and they also have a takeaway menu, in case you don’t feel like having a romantic meal across from a table of 10 rowdy first and second generation Nigerians *shrugs shoulders*

If you’re hanging out anywhere near Crouch End (or Whetstone, or Islington or Highgate, cos they’ve also got branches in those locations) and you need a place to eat that serves tasty food, that won’t break the bank and that will welcome you and your kids (and any other family members you may have), Tootoomoo comes highly recommended by moi.

AND there is also a weekend Bottomless Brunch (limited to either 1.5 hours or 2 hours cos #drinkresponsibly) that runs from Friday to Sunday at the Islington and Crouch End branches.

AND there are £5 menus that run in Islington on a Tuesday, in Crouch End on a Wednesday and in Whetstone from Friday to Saturday.

AND there are 1/2 price cocktails on a Thursday at every location!  WHOOOOP!

AND tell them Aunty Cee sent you.

Cee x

This is not an ad. I repeat: THIS IS NOT AN AD.  All views expressed are my own and I was not incentivised at all for this post.

We visited the Crouch End branch in London. 

Check out Tootoomoo on Twitter and Instagram for more info or just to salivate over some gorgeous food pics mmmmmm…

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